8 Health Tips for Men

  1. FIND A DOCTOR – Choose someone you can trust and feel comfortable with discussing all aspects of health.
  2. VISIT THAT DOCTOR – Do not wait until you have all the symptoms. Visit your doctor occasionally at least twice a year (every 6 months) for routine check-ups.
  3.  KNOW YOUR BODY – become knowledgable and understand your body. You know yourself best. The more you learn how your body works, the sooner you will seek care. This is essential throughout your life.
  4. ADOPT AND ADAPT TO WORKOUT – vary your workouts. Learn new exercises and slowly improve your techniques and patterns. Do not always stick to your normal routines because the human body continuously changes as we age.
  5. FUEL YOUR BODY – Focus on nutrients rather than calories. Foods high in nutrients have fewer calories such as green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Don’t over-consume dry fruits as it contains more calories and less water. Organic foods can be costly. Always look for discounts on the organic sections.
  6. GET REST – Aim for 7 hours of sleep. Sleep Deprivation is a real problem. Remove electronics 30-60 minutes before sleep.
  7. STAY ALERT- Mental health is vital. Foods high in unsaturated fats like almonds and pistachios are good for the brain since it thrives on fats. Know if you have any mental health problems or have a family history of mental health issues.
  8. TRAVEL – local, domestic, or abroad. Provides a refreshment and helps you learn about other cultures and societies. Puts life into perspective.
Hadee Ahmadi- blogger, photojournalist.

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