4 Kinds of Physical Activities

You may be wondering, what types of physical activities benefit me and which ones should I follow on a regular basis. Healthmodesty is here to answer that question.

The 4 Exercise Principles:

  • Cardiovascular also known as aerobic exercise
    • Primarily focuses on oxygen-rich fitness that is related with the circulatory system (heart, veins, arteries) and respiratory system (lungs)
    • Examples include: walking, running, dancing, playing soccer, swimming.
    • Studies shown that 12 minutes of aerobic exercise promotes the body to lose weight by producing fat-burning enzymes.
    • A Man Jumping The Rope








  • Anaerobic exercise
    • Simply meaning “lack of oxygen.”
    • Your body is in a state of “oxygen-deprived” mode, and can no longer use oxygen as a fuel source, causing the body to produce sugar-burning enzymes for energy.
    • When the body’s heart rate reaches above training zone, aerobic metabolism turns into anaerobic metabolism in sports like: football, skiing, sprinting, training.


  • Muscular endurance and strength
    • Muscular endurance- the muscle’s ability to continue perform without fatigue.
      • Examples: weight lifting, squats, lunges, abdominal crunches and resistance band exercises
    • Muscular strength- the muscle’s ability to exert forces.
      • Examples: weight lifting, cycling, push-ups, pull-ups.


  • Joint flexibility
    • Simply referring to range of motion (ROM) exercises for the joints (mainly knees and shoulders).
    • Examples: calf stretch, prezel stretch, butterfly stretch. Additional are listed below.


Hadee Ahmadi- blogger, photojournalist

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