How to Avoid Heart Disease? 5 Steps

DON’T SMOKE- nicotine constricts and narrows your blood vessels. Overtime, it can cause damage. CONTROL YOUR DIET- Always look at food labels and cut back on saturated fats, trans fat, and cholesterols like butter and oil. EXERCISE EVERYDAY- At the very minimum, 30 minutes of aerobic exercises like running, biking, swimming, or soccer. CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT- Using a scale, weigh yourself every morning. This simple … Continue reading How to Avoid Heart Disease? 5 Steps

8 Health Tips for Men

FIND A DOCTOR – Choose someone you can trust and feel comfortable with discussing all aspects of health. VISIT THAT DOCTOR – Do not wait until you have all the symptoms. Visit your doctor occasionally at least twice a year (every 6 months) for routine check-ups.  KNOW YOUR BODY – become knowledgable and understand your body. You know yourself best. The more you learn how your body … Continue reading 8 Health Tips for Men